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Installing Cabinet Knobs on Cabinet Doors and Drawer Fronts

Cabinet Knob on MDF Kitchen Cabinet DoorCabinet hardware is one element that can bring new life to your kitchen and cabinets. Like fashion elements, cabinet hardware can become dated. From time to time or when installing new cabinets or new cabinet doors you may want to update your knobs as well. Cabinet knobs are very easy to install on your new cabinet doors and drawer fronts. Follow these few steps:
Tools Needed:
Drill and Drill Bit
Screwdriver (Phillips or straight depending on the screw type that came with your knob)
Painters Tape or Masking Tape
Tape Measure or Ruler
Drill and Drill Bit
Screws (most cabinet knobs come with screws)

Step 1   Place one of your knobs onto the door and move it around until you find a placement that looks good. A standard rule is to place the knob 1.5 inches from the vertical edge and 2 inches from the horizontal edge (top or bottom of the door depending if this is an upper or lower cabinet). Just remember that the further you place the knob from the hinge side of the cabinet door the easier the door will open. For drawer fronts you will want to center vertically and horizontally. Once you have what you believe to be the center, double check by measuring from each side vertically and horizontally.

Step 2
   Once you have the placement of figured out put a piece of painters tape or masking tape over the area of where your cabinet know will be placed. Now take a pencil or marker and mark the spot you have chosen for the cabinet knob. The tape will allow you to mark where you will need to drill without marking directly on your new cabinet door or drawer front. You will only need to drill one hole, so you should only have one marking on the tape.

Step 3
   Find a drill bit that is the right size for the screws that are needed to install your cabinet knob. One way to find the right drill bit is to put the bit into the knob where the screw will go. The drill bit should fit nicely into the knob – not too tight or loose otherwise you will have problems with you cabinet knobs. Once you have the correct drill bit, drill a hole where marked from the front of the cabinet door. Drilling from the back may cause splintering.

Step 4
   Take the tape off of the door or drawer front. Put the cabinet knob in front of the hole and put the screw through the hole from the back of the cabinet door and tighten with your screwdriver until the knob is on tight.
That is all there is to it. Now repeat the steps for the rest of your cabinet doors and drawer fronts.